Interprofessional Education for Medication Safety Symposium

29-30 November 2012, Newcastle, NSW 

The team recently held a symposium focusing on the contemporary issues of interprofessional education and medication safety. This was a great opportunity for the project team to share our findings with other Academics and Educators in this field, and to share in the interprofessional education and quality use of medicines research or teaching and learning experiences of others. This symposium showcased the teaching and learning and research activities occurring nationally in this important and growing field.

Symposium themes

The following themes were chosen to reflect current research, practice, and teaching and learning innovations:

  • The impact of interprofessional education on patient safety
  • Integration of interprofessional education into curricula
  • Medication safety and interprofessional education
  • Teamwork and Interprofessional communication



Please follow this link to download our Program


Main Speakers

Professor Peter Brooks- Learning and Working in Teams- is it Possible? (pdf)

Professor Tracy Levett-Jones and Dr Conor Gilligan- Project snapshot: Interprofessional Education for Quality Use of Medicines, ALTC project (pdf)

Professor Debra Humphris- The New Generation Project - Creating and implementing
IPE within the NHS (pdf)

Associate Professor Roger Dunston- Curriculum Renewal for Interprofessional Education in Health (pdf)

Dr Ross Kerridge- Who should do what? A process-based model for deciding
the appropriate role of different health professionals

Concurrent Session 1

Ms Pauline Dobson- Interprofessional role exchange as an experiential learning tool (pdf)

Emeritus Consultant Edward Stewart-Wynne- Interprofessional Education and Medication Safety - Recent graduates experience and future direction (pdf)

Ms Therese McGuren- Start right, start early - Student interprofessional collaboration (pdf)

Dr Anne Croker- Embracing the complexity of collaboration in health care 

Ms Jo McMahon- You can’t fix what you don’t know about (pdf)

Ms Sharon Latimer- Medication safety - an interprofessional approach to learning in the Bachelor of Nursing (pdf) (accompanying video resource)

Ms Helen Cooke- Fetal Welfare IPE improves learning and clinical outcomes (pdf)

Associate Professor Tony Smith- Integrating Interprofessional Learning into Rural Clinical Placements - Assessing Student’s Attitudes (pdf)

Concurrent Session 2

Ms Roslyn Gillies- Theory and practice - An investigation of how nurses calculate medicine doses in clinical practice (pdf)

Mr Bryan McMinn- Psychopharmacology Content in a Post Graduate Mental Health Nursing Course (pdf)

Associate Professor David Newby- Prescribing safely - An interdisciplinary teaching program for final year medical students (pdf)

Mr Samuel Lapkin- The effectiveness of web-based interprofessional learning resources on health professional student’s behavioural intentions in relation to medication safety - A quasi-experimental study (pdf)

Ms Helen Cooke- Communication and Teamwork is enhanced through IPE (pdf)

Dr Anne Croker- Exploring interprofessional education - Seeing the whole elephant 

Ms Laura Boyce and Ms Janet Robilliard- Integrating interprofessional learning into pharmacy student placements (pdf)

Ms Tagrid Yassine- A national audit of IPE activity in Australia