This module introduces 23 year-old Gavin Sinclair, who presents to the emergency department at a regional hospital after a minor car accident. A physical examination has cleared him of any physical injuries but Gavin’s mental state is of concern to staff. Undiagnosed and inadequately treated schizophrenia has a high burden of illness in the Australian community. Evidenced-based treatment for schizophrenia includes antipsychotic medications and ongoing monitoring. However, non-adherence to medication is common and stigma associated with schizophrenia is a major issue among patients, carers, and health professionals.

The establishment and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship between clients and health professionals, and ensuring effective interprofessional communication can make a significant difference to the accuracy, timeliness and quality of the care provided. This module explores the interprofessional interactions that occur to help ensure that Gavin’s mental illness is dealt with appropriately.

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